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New Packaging on its way...? 👀 Collaboration with StickerDot!

Here at Waikato Crystals, we have always been BASIC with our packaging. We use the pre-paid NZ post mailer bags, recycled bubble wrap and paper if possible and whatever else we have available; no two parcels truly look the same, and we feel its time to make a change... Our full packaging face lift will be live by the end of August!

We see the impact that effective packaging has on a brand image and we feel like we could unlock so much more consumer interest if we actually worked on our packaging. Packaging is a huge part of a consumers buying experience, and here at Waikato Crystals we really do want to make your crystal buying experience as memorable as possible!

So with all that in mind... goodbye inconsistent packaging, and hello StickerDot!

We collaborated with StickerDot to form stunning custom designed stickers! These stunning logo stickers will be used in our new and improved packaging process, we absolutely love having our logo front and centre, in such a creative format. We are so excited to be able to make your purchasing experience with us so much more memorable, without driving up shipping and handling costs! We decided to design our stickers based on their high quality paper stickers, as I feel they are better for the environment, and they fit with our brand theme, but they do have a wide range of custom sticker options available!

StickerDot are a New Zealand based sticker printing business, so for my fellow businesses looking to spice up their packaging and want to support local, check out StickerDot! They have a bunch of different options to suit the size and theme of your business, and offer these amazing sample packs to help with the design process.

Here is a quick image of some of the different materials, sizes and shapes found in the sample pack, I highly recommend giving them a go!

I am so excited to share my new packaging designs with you all, and I cannot thank the amazing team at StickerDot enough for helping me with this process!

For more info regarding StickerDot, please head to their website,

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