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Educational Services

Providing affordable geological education services!

Frozen Cave
Frozen Cave

Private Tutoring

Waikato Crystals will soon be offering limited private tutoring for geological sciences, from primary aged students right through to year 11 or equivalent. Students will be taught by a qualified geologist (BSc(Tech), PgCert (Earth Sci), through both practical workshops/lab work and theory based activities. Courses will be tailored to each students abilities and learning outcomes. 

Public Talks

We are proudly offering to hold public talks and interactive workshops for your local group, school or workplace. We are able to customise our talks/workshops to create a unique tailor made experience for your group. For more details please email us!

Shades of White Stone
Diamond Loupe

Public Courses

Interested in learning more about your minerals? Waikato Crystals will soon be offering public interactive workshops! These courses are not accredited but aim to offer a deeper understanding around basic geology, mineral formation and identification, as well as industry info such as detecting enhanced or fraudulent minerals. Watch this space!

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